StriveCast Best of 2016

A perfect soundtrack can make or break a workout. It gets you in the mood, pushes you through the tough sets and when that vibe hits you right, you enter the zone and push past your limits.

What is the “StriveCast” you ask? It is the art of Performance Elevating Vibes. Structured to the perfect workout – It starts with a motivational sample, progressively warms you up for 30mins, drops the hammer for 30mins and cools you down for 15mins in either Electronic Music or HipHop/Trap.

Music has always been a primary piece to our training experience. Every session has its own specially curated music but in 2015 we took things even further by building our very own #StriveCast Guest DJ workout mix series. Collaborating with local DJ friends like Alex Viau, Frank Walker, Matt Hunter and Matt Castel we tested the waters searching for the perfect workout playlist. We had some amazing contributions like our first mix by Alex Viau “Runnin Ladders” and “Feel the Pump” by Le Castell but we postponed the project to focus on building a permanent home for Strive Life Athletics.

In 2016 we took the StriveCast Guest Mix series to the next level. Learning from our most popular mixes we expanded the vision and began contacting DJ’s around the world to collaborate. Our goal was to make the BEST workout mix database in the world and since our re-launching in March 2016 we are super grateful for the amazing contributions to date and proud to share some highlights:

  • Over 40,000 global plays
  • 25 DJ’s from around the world have contributed to this project
  • We have listeners from over 50 countries
  • We are most popular in USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany and Australia

Here are our Top 5 StriveCast Mixes of 2016

#5 – MikeofHeights

Sitting at #5 is our first Toronto based HipHop collaboration which just launched in November. Well known for his clean mixing and tasteful song curation, local producer and DJ MikeofHeights lit this mix up. With time it will make its way onto our all time hit list.

#4 – Evan Dorosheff

This mix turned the corner for us style wise as at the time this was by far our most high energy mix. Evan Dorosheff of Chicago, USA took us from Deeper House into heavier Electro and nobody felt bad about it. This mix is hype from the start and was a critical player in our evolution. Rightfully it sits at #4 most played in 2016.

#3 – Replay M

Our first HipHop feature came out of Zurich, Switzerland by DJ ReplayM. He perfectly combined early 2000’s rap with current HipHop culture making it incredibly appealing to all. This was an immediate hit and had major traction all over the world making it a strong 3rd most played of 2016.

#2 – Adam Cooper

Known for his sexy vocals and killer bass lines, Adam Cooper of the UK is a world renowned progressive house DJ. His taste and style speaks to the strengths of a workout mix so it makes sense that his collaborations with us are so popular. This is his second StriveCast and proved to be his hottest edit of 2016. Sitting strongly as our #2, we know the best has yet to come for this International legend.

#1 – Frank Walker

DJ Frank Walker has been there for us from the start. As one of our earliest supporters in Toronto, he spun live on the field at 3 of our Social Sweat Events and has 3 feature StriveCasts. He helped put StriveCast on the map and is responsible for creating our most popular mix BY FAR. This mix is a major point of Strive pride and is our flagship mix specifically curated to celebrate Canada Day 2016.

Stay tuned for more to come as we continue to launch a new mix every week in 2017.  Our Soundcloud account also hosts all of the music we play in the Athletic House with hundreds of full length mixes organized by style and taste. Follow us on Soundcloud to catch our vibe and get our latest StriveCast mixes on demand.

There’s currently 30 StriveCast Guest Mixes for your listening pleasure, that’s a month’s worth of workout fuel to get you hooked. If you are as stoked as we are about these mixes then please feel free to share them and tag us on Facebook and/or Insagram using the hashtag #StriveCast.