about us

Strive Method

Inspired by Athletic Training – At Strive we have paired Movement with Conditioning and packaged a high value training experience unlike any other. Strive Programming has evolved since we started in 2013 but all our core pillars have remained the same in order to consistently provide you with the most balanced, effective and enjoyable training that can easily be translated into everyday life.

The Goal: To provide you with movement tools that will translate into having the confidence to apply it to whatever it is you are Striving for!


Strive Culture

We’re different, if you played a sport you will understand, if not its all good, however, hard to fully explain but once you experience us you will begin to understand – Strive Culture is fostered through athletic roots, at Strive you are not an individual at a fitness studio, you are part of a team. Think of the team you dearly miss or the one you might not have been a part of and wished you were, sooner or later you will consider us your Home Team – – Blend that with music from Strivecast Guest Mixes, you will feel the energy in the room and naturally be feeding off an environment where everyone works, rests and Strives together

The Goal: To present the opportuniy to sweat in a positive environment where everybody inspires each other.


Strive Community

Since day 1 in 2013, one of our primary objectives was to develop a community, over this time we have attracted an amazing group of people and built a strong foundation that has opened up a world of opportunities and experiences to share together. As a result, Strive extends beyond The Athletic House to include some of Toronto’s biggest community workouts through our Social Sweat Editions, corporate wellness initiatives, charitable events and collaborations with complimentary community partners who share the same visions, values and goals.

The Goal: To be more than a workout and create lasting relationships and experiences that are meaningful.