Athletic House


The ATHLETIC HOUSE is home for our growing team of Life Athletes. Our programming on movement and conditioning is based on a combined 20+ years in high performance athletic training. We’ve taken those experiences and created a safe, scalable team training environment that is geared towards building you up.  As you progress, we ultimately lead teammates to the edge of pro athlete training levels, all of which is achievable for anyone and applicable for all activities – its training for life. BECOME A LIFE ATHLETE today.


Chalk Talk

We start every class at the white board as a team and go over the itinerary for that day. This is to mentally prepare you for what is in store, no secrets, no surprises, only positive reinforcement. Our Athletic mindset sets the tone for all those present to to understand our systems, achieve a good honest sweat and get the most out of every class.


The first portion of every class is dedicated to Movement – Including: coordination, pre-habilitation, preventative health, posture, breathing and core strength. This is applied through Active Mobility and our Signature Body Primer Sequence – featuring demonstration, education, instruction and personalized assessment.

*Each Class Style has a specific movement accessory for that day. Example, Skipping, Mobility Bands and Resistance Bands for joint health and movements under light tension.


• Class styles are redesigned weekly
• 18-28 minutes is dedicated to Conditioning
• Its Athletic Training – expect a full body workout
• High level of education, instruction and demonstration
• Using body weight, slam balls, kettle bells, dumb bells, chains, hurdles, boxes
• Emphasis on movement quality at all times – we don’t push reps or weight on you
• Work out is set on a timer – we work, rest and STRIVE together
• We maximize each class – prepare to move, sweat and leave feeling great


Class Styles

Energy Circuit

Set in 4 groups

Teammates train together for 7 minute circuits of complementary exercises

Working for 40 seconds –  resting for 10 seconds

Each segment is 8 rounds total

Programmed in 3 segments with different yet complementary superset movements

For higher rep counts and a slow burn for 24 total rounds

We end with a work/rest core polish

*Class Capacity 20 people

*Waitlist Option Exists


Athletic Tabata

Set in 6 groups

Teammates train together for 18 minutes of continuous conditioning with 6 exercises

Working for 20 seconds – resting for 10 seconds

Movements are repeated for 6 rounds

For short full intensity bursts to push the limits of conditioning with 36 total rounds

We end with a work/rest core polish

*Class Capacity 20 people

*Waitlist Option Exists



Set in 4 groups for 2 portions – Set in a team circle for 1 portion

The Hybrid is a combination of exercises from that week’s Energy Circuit and Athletic Tabata

The mix is set to two work to rest ratios 40-10 and 20-10

A unique and challenging 28 minutes of conditioning with 32 total rounds

The structure changes frequently to keep it fresh and progressive

The team circle work and rest together portion is high energy

No core polish to finish

The Hybrid is for you to leave it all out on the floor

*Class Capacity 20 people

*Waitlist Option Exists