A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of
common attitudes, interests and goals.

Our community is fostered through athletic roots. At Strive you are not an individual at a fitness studio, you are part of a team. Blend a home team environment with music from Strivecast Guest Mixes, you will feel the energy in the room and naturally be feeding off an environment where everyone works, rests and Strives together.



The history of the Strive Cup started back in 2013 with a trip to an antique store in the Distillery District. Like most competitive sports, we wanted to recognize our team, specifically an individual, for investing into their personal development. It evolved from giving it away after every session followed by a speech – to now, where we select a Life Athlete each month and each quarter who has been consistently striving with us and is a strong example of somebody who embodies the Strive manifesto.