Our Story

our story

Who We Are

:Live your best life, with balance. Strive for greatness.

\ˈlīf\ ath·lete
:a person looking to move through life seamlessly, and with balance

Always striving for excellence with equity, Strive Life founders Ryan Caicco and Martin Reader are both former professional athletes with a dream turned reality: to inspire the masses to STRIVE for health and wellness. Taking a grassroots approach towards bringing approachable movement to multi-level life athletes, the STRIVE model was built from the ground up, in Toronto’s city parks with a trailer full of equipment. While STRIVE has a brick and mortar location now, our method has remained: building people up through a good honest sweat, creating a positive team environment and focusing on physical longevity through programming that is carefully curated. We’re here to make moving fun, while creating a contagious vibe, come STRIVE with us.

our manifesto
how strive began


May 2013

Ryan and Martin met and as a result of their mutual interest and passion for athletic training. Having been Professional Athletes they wanted to share their knowledge, expertise and continue to live as athletes would.  As a result Strive Life was born!


May 2013

May 2013

This Vintage Paris Cup was found in the Historic Distillery District of Toronto.  We renamed it the Strive Life Cup and it’s been with us since our first workout and serves as a fitting symbol for achievement.


June 2013

The original Strive Life concept was this 6 x 12 fully branded trailer full of equipment. We would send out open invites via social media and basically started everything from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at that time.  The social media posts would include the day/time and location and we would show up at down town city parks waiting to see who would show up. Sometimes we would be doing a workout on our own and other times we would be pleasantly surprised by the turn out. Sure there were ups and downs but we just kept our Strive on!

June 2013

We dropped the gates on the trailer for our very first workout on June 3rd, 2013 and this was our first post sweat team picture. We had no idea what we were in for but we never looked back – it was game on from this day forward!


June 2013 – September 2013

Our first summer season was one we fondly look back on and every time we do we can’t help but ask ourselves…how did we do what we did?…but we did it.  We made the workouts, trained in the classes, educated, stopped to correct and jumped back in.  We were in-arguably in the best shape of our lives and doing what we loved because we did it all for free, until around mid to late August when those who were coming insisted they pay. So we put the Strive Life Cup in the middle and the rest of summer was by donation. We had great weather, awesome workouts and met a lot of amazing people. For all those out there looking for some inspiration, look no further. The first step is always getting started.


October 2013 – May 2013

Hello, to the Historic Great Hall – our first and only indoor home during the first two years. A legendary time to look back on since we trained in every nook and cranny that place had open including the infamous ‘Dungeon’. The times were interesting to say the least, the sweats were epic and we always knew what kind of soup was cooking in the prep kitchen.  We are forever grateful for the Great Hall, but we were always ready to get back outdoors when it was time.

January 2014

Launching our Corporate Wellness Program was an exciting time.  We had worked on it for months so it was great to finally roll out our Athletic Version of it.  Since then we have worked with a number of amazing health forward organizations, both big and small.

June 2014 – September 2014

Our second summer outdoors was everything we anticipated and more. Our wheels were greased and we were ready for everything Summer 2.0 had to offer.  We upped the ante with more gear, bigger classes and huge speakers.  We took what we knew to the next level and never swayed from producing great workouts while building a solid community.

October 2014 – May 2015

Back to the Great Hall we go!  This time around we were seasoned vets, we knew what to expect and did what we had to do to keep the dream alive. Fortunately for us so did everyone who walked through the doors for an underground sweat that never disappointed. We often joked that our workouts were the best kept secret in Toronto at that time.  Looking back we had some amazing turn outs and great people in the mix. A special thank you to everyone who shared a sweat with us at the Great Hall! This time when we left, we knew coming back wasn’t an option.  The pressure was on.  We are happy to see that the Great Hall has been totally restored and is still thriving.

November 2014

Our version of a workout party was created and The Social Sweat Event Series was born. We’re talking a bigger venue ‘stadium style’, no limit on capacity and a live DJ rolled into a post sweat social with complementary community partners.  The goal was to change the culture and bring as many people together as possible to connect and hang in a different environment.  Since launching we’ve been going strong with 5 Editions and counting.

June 2015 – September 2015

Three times a charm! Outdoor season number three was a little different.  This time around, we picked a ‘Home’ and set up shop at Coronation Park. We had a slice of heaven that was high visibility and pushed the envelope for what was considered permit friendly. We had more classes, more people, more everything, but we knew we had to go for it and the only goal was to keep building and growing so that we could find a permanent home in the fall.

October 2015

It wasn’t easy but it was worth it! Everything that we had worked towards in building and growing Strive Life over the past 2+ years was realized when we got the keys to our 1st location at 849 Adelaide Street West and opened the ‘Athletic House’  An exciting new chapter for our team and community and we couldn’t be happier to have a permanent place to call home.

January 2016

With everything going on it felt like it was time for a change, so we refreshed our branding and Strive Life Athletics took on a new logo, new look and new color way.

February 2016

Notable Awards National winners Ryan and Martin – Category Personal Trainer

Winning in your industry is based on:
Involvement in and contribution to charity and community support
Your ability to inspire co-workers, employers and the community
Online Public Voting and a panel of Judges

April 2016

Music has always been a big part of the Strive Life experience. To round things out we decided to start a Soundcloud page.  We invited a few friends in our network to submit Guest mixes that would compliment our workouts. This got things started for our Strivecast Guest Mixes.  In April, we officially launched with the intention to keep mixes fresh and have weekly submissions.  Today we have 27 Guest Mix Submissions from DJ’s all over the world and over 30,000 plays on our page. Keep tuning in because there is more to come!

July 2016

After a few years and a lot of interest we felt if was time for introducing merchandise.  We now offer T-Shirts, Hats and Sweat Towels the home team has a few pieces of branded gear for you or to gift someone you know would love it.  

Fall 2016

After a year in the Athletic House, we are happy to share that we have upgraded our amenities. Our new entrance and lounge area will make for a more seamless transition between classes and a great spot to hang pre or post class.  We’ve also added 2 bathrooms and 2 showers for your convenience.  Although we haven’t been here that long, it’s feeling more and more like home and we hope you think so too!