There should always be priorities within your macronutrient nutrition depending on how hard you are working, what your goals are and what phase you are in for training. Regardless of what your ratios are you should always focused on getting in a wide array of colourful vegetables and fruits, however, loading up on whole foods could potentially be hazardous due to the chemicals, pesticide residue and toxins used in north american farming practices.

Now, as we so ungracefully enter spring (in Toronto anyways), local seasonal produce will be in abundance! With so many choices presenting themselves we thought these guides to pesticides in produce would help you prioritize your organic purchases wether you are on a budget or not.


So please be aware of the dirty dozen and prioritize those as Organic purchases while not stressing over the clean 15 which generally won’t be as harmful when not organic. We also compel you to buy pasture raised antibiotic & hormone free meats and animal products as inhumanely and lot raised animals are very inflammatory and are pumped full of unhealthy toxins and drugs.

Have a great Wednesday!