Strive Life Inc. – CODE OF ETHICS

Principle 1:  Actively support and promote the goals and philosophy of Strive Life Inc. as well as SL Certifications – Level 1 Foundations.

Principle 2:  Provide and deliver instructional/trainer services in a safe, professional manner and exercising professional judgement in the best interest of the client(s), at a level consistent with his or her scope of practice ensuring that client(s) needs are met.

Principle 3:  Maintain professional competence by continually upgrading education and knowledge in regards to the latest research in health and fitness and by understanding its practical application.

Principle 4:  Respect the autonomy, individuality and dignity of each client (s) and provide instruction/training with respect for human rights and without discrimination.

Principle 5: Uphold and enhance public well-being, appreciation and trust for the health and fitness industry by providing a high level of excellence in both professional skills and knowledge by meeting or exceeding the standards of Strive Life Inc. as well as SL Certifications – Level 1 Foundations.   

Principle 6:  Preserve the confidentiality of client information acquired in the course of his or her professional practice, as well as comply with all applicable business, employment and/or copyright laws and regulations.

Principle 7:  To achieve the best possible outcome for a client(s), understand the roles and contributions of other medical or health care providers and consult with and/or refer to them as appropriate.

Principle 8: Establish and maintain clear professional boundaries.